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7 Excellent Reasons to Purchase a Brigantine Vacation Home

7 Excellent Reasons to Purchase a Brigantine Vacation Home

7 Excellent Reasons to Purchase a Brigantine Vacation Home.

Long Term Profits
We all recognize that real estate values fluctuate. However, vacation properties are far more likely to retain their value & appreciation over the long term simply because the areas where we vacation are limited geographically (or we would all live there full time!). Shorelines are finite, & our desire to be at the beach & bay assures those vacation properties will always be in high demand.

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Your vacation home will become your home away from home. It will allow you & your family to establish social bonds with new friends & build relationships with your new community. You’ll seek out your favorite restaurants, shops, beaches, local attractions & events.

brigantine vacation homeConvenience
Hate packing? Owning a vacation home simplifies the entire process of getting away. All of your beach paraphernalia, wardrobe items, toiletries & basic supplies are already waiting for you. Embrace spontaneity; no need to plan ahead, make a last-minute decision to get away, grab your cell phone, jump in your car & you’re on vacation!

brigantine homes for sale

Gathering Place for Family & Friends
I can personally attest to the lifestyle benefits of owning a Brigantine vacation home. Our family home at the beach was a gathering place for our large extended family, allowing scattered brothers & sisters, sons & daughters, aunts, uncles & cousins to come together each summer. Long-held traditions were shared & new ones were born. Simple pleasures are the best, & time spent with family & friends is precious, that’s where memories are made, and I treasure the ones made over those many summers.

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Money is Cheap, Buy Now & Retire Later
Today’s vacation home can be your future retirement home. Money is cheap, buy a vacation home today & pay it off at record-low interest rates. Your vacation home will be paid for & waiting when you’re ready to retire, purchased at today’s prices, and paid for at today’s low rates. Last but not least, purchasing a vacation home in a town you wish to retire from years from now not only grants you & your family many years of vacations, but it will also allow you to establish friendships & build relationships with your new community.

brigantine homes for sale

A vacation home can also provide you with years of income. Brigantine’s summer rental business is vigorous. Offer some weeks for rental, and keep the rest for your own use. This income can cover taxes & other carrying costs as well as contribute toward mortgage payments. Buy it right and manage it right & your vacation home will not only bring you years of joy but will be an extremely wise long-term investment.

brigantine income property


Beach. Watersports. Swimming. Sunbathing. Walking. Surf fishing. Watching the kids & grandkids discover all the wonders of the ocean. So much more!

Bay. Boating. Fishing. Crabbing. Sunsets. So much more!

Relaxing! Listening to the waves! The salt air! Friends & family! Golfing! Sightseeing! Biking! So much more!

brigantine lifestyle

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