Second Home, Enhance Your Lifestyle & Reap Financial Benefits

Investing in a second home will not only enhance your family’s lifestyle, you can reap financial benefits from your investment in happiness. Many of us have considered purchasing a 2nd home for our family & friends to enjoy, a haven to get away from the hustle & bustle of life, spend quality time with the kids, heave a deep sigh & relax.second home

Current tax laws make purchasing a second house even more appealing. When you purchase a second home for personal use and do not utilize it for rental income, you can deduct 100% of mortgage interest up to $1.1 million of COMBINED total debt secured by your primary & 2nd homes. Remember, this is combined debt, not for each home! And you can also deduct property taxes on a second home.

second homesecond home


And let’s not forget about appreciation, beach vacation property values are on the rise, buy your beach getaway & watch your investment grow while you enjoy all the perks of a vacation home.

second home

Last but not least, purchasing a vacation home in a town you wish to retire years from now not only grants you & your family many years of vacations, it will allow you to establish friendships & build relationships with your new community.

Brigantine NJ, a serene, seaside haven that offers a lifestyle defined by pristine beaches & casual living is just such a place. If you love waking up to the sounds of waves breaking on the shore or strolling on a clean, windswept creamy stretch of beach, Brigantine NJ is the second home getaway destination that you’ve always been looking for, where you will enjoy the beach, boating, golfing, friends and family. Just over the bridge, indulge in the excitement of Atlantic City’s casino nightlife, dining, shopping, spas & world famous boardwalk. The best of both worlds awaits you!

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