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Vacation Home Second Home, Your Home Away From Home!

Vacation Home Second Home, Your Home Away From Home!

I grew up in a family with a vacation home second home at the beach in Brigantine NJ, and I can honestly say it was paradise! We “summer” kids all descended on Brigantine within a few days of school ending in spring & our parents practically had to lasso us at summer’s end to take us back to the city for the new school year. Then the countdown to summer & the return to our vacation home at the shore would begin all over again.

vacation home vacation home vacation home

Beach all day, riding the waves on rafts, long expeditions to the jetty to collect shells, we couldn’t get enough. The summer at the beach vacation home was always packed with family, friends & neighbors, and filled with laughter & food (television, we had it but rarely watched it, too much else to do!).  And I took it all for granted; it was just part of life.

vacation homevacation home


So I can personally attest to the lifestyle benefits of owning a vacation home at the shore in Brigantine NJ. It was a gathering place for family that we probably wouldn’t have otherwise seen. I really got to know aunts & uncles, cousins, & family friends that had scattered to other areas. We even had “Christmas in July”.  Long-held traditions were shared & new ones were born.

vacation homevacation home

And our parents enjoyed it every bit as much as we did. My dad & grandfather came straight down after work on Friday & stayed the weekend, fishing all day & playing cards with the neighborhood men at night. Mom, grandmom & all their friends never ran out of things to talk about late into the night. vacation home

Simple pleasures are the best, & time spent with family & friends is precious, that’s where memories are made.

Whether a personal getaway to escape the hustle & bustle of life, a family vacation house where friends & family will create new traditions & share old ones, or a home at the shore where you will eventually retire, all are excellent reasons to buy a summer second home in Brigantine NJ.

Please read my blog reviewing the financial benefits of a vacation home second home. Yes, it makes good financial sense too!


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