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Brigantine NJ real estate tips and info to make house hunting efficient & stress free. After all, buying a property on the pristine island of Brigantine is a joyful experience, & this real estate guide will help you identify the perfect fit for your needs.

5 Reasons It Is a Good Time to Buy in a “Sellers Market.”

Promising real estate investments with breathtaking views may sound too good to be true in today’s competitive environment. While many hopeful buyers might be intimidated by the latest housing trends, in truth, luxury Brigantine beach houses still offer an amazing return on investment.  1. The Brigantine Real Estate Market is Poised for Growth Despite broader […]

Nancy and Being the Brigantine Real Estate Advocate

  Why did you get into the business? My family owned a quad rental property in Brigantine since the 1950’s – we used one unit & seasonally rented the other three primarily on a weekly basis, consequently I grew up in an environment where I knew all the local realtors as a child, became very […]

Brigantine Real Estate Agents Saltwater Fishing Guide

Brigantine Real Estate Agents Saltwater Fishing Guide from Nancy Campione Brigantine NJ has arguably the best saltwater fishing in the southern half of the state. The surf at Brigantine holds more sandbars and this creates more troughs. Baitfish frequent those areas, and that’s a tasty meal to many fish.   The South End of the […]

7 Excellent Reasons to Purchase a Brigantine Vacation Home

7 Excellent Reasons to Purchase a Brigantine Vacation Home. Long Term Profits We all recognize that real estate values fluctuate. However, vacation properties are far more likely to retain their value & appreciation over the long term simply because the areas where we vacation are limited geographically (or we would all live there full time!). […]

Moving to Your New Home – Ten Essential Moving Packing Tips

Congratulations! You’re moving to your new home in Brigantine! Here are ten essential moving packing tips designed to make your move more efficient & less stressful.   1. First & foremost, don’t pack what you don’t want! This is the single most perfect opportunity to purge all of your unwanted stuff, clothes & shoes you […]

Selling Your Home? READY, SET, GO! Best Time to List

Selling your home? Ready, Set, Go! Local real estate markets differ in many ways. One of the most important challenges is determining the best time to list your home for sale. How will your buyer use his new property? Full time? Vacation home? Investment property? Let’s take a look at what’s happening in Brigantine. The […]

Villa Del Mar, Brigantine NJ Beachfront Condo

Villa Del Mar, Brigantine NJ beachfront condo townhomes are located on the north end of the island, affording outstanding beach & ocean views. Seven spacious 3 level 1300 sq ft townhouse style condos offer 2BR & 2.1 BA, bonus room, attached garage, & 2 decks overlooking beach & ocean. Pets are permitted. For more information […]

Selling Your Home? BECOME EDUCATED!

Selling your home? Become educated! Real estate markets have many influences; some affect property values gradually over time, while others abruptly impact pricing. Regardless of environment, property values do fluctuate & must be evaluated based upon current market conditions. Discussing what your home might be worth with a neighbor or taking advice from a friend […]

Selling Your Home? PRICE IS KEY!

Selling your home? Price is key! A realistically priced home will sell, an overpriced home will not. Sounds simple, right? As a seller your main focus must be identifying the appropriate price for your property. In any real estate market, overpricing is overwhelmingly the single biggest reason properties do not sell. All you will accomplish […]

Brigantine Attractions, Where to Go & What to Do at the Shore

Watersports, beaches, boating, swimming, sunbathing, surfing, biking, fishing, golfing, sightseeing, drinks on the beach! Whether you want to kick back & relax or stay busy & take in the sites, the South Jersey Shore has it! This Brigantine Attractions, Where to Go & What to Do on Brigantine Island list is a great place to […]