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Home Selling Tips & Advice to Help You Sell Your Brigantine Home

Home Selling Tips & Advice to Help You Sell Your Brigantine Home

Sell Brigantine Home

Simple home selling tips & advice to help you sell your Brigantine home really work! Call Brigantine Realtor Nancy Campione @609-517-0009 for additional information.

First and foremost, hire a professional Realtor. A competent & knowledgeable real estate agent can make the difference between offering your home for sale and actually selling your home.

This leads to the second most important decision you will need to make, pricing your property correctly. An experienced Realtor will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis specifically for your home, allowing you to price your home with full knowledge of current market conditions, based upon both sale properties and recently sold properties. Overpricing your property will discourage potential buyers from viewing it and real estate agents from showing it. Once a property languishes on the market for several months, it becomes stale, often necessitating a series of price reductions, the end result of which is often a lower sale price than if the property were priced correctly the first time.

First impressions count. Whenever possible, get rid of clutter. If there are things you plan to sell or give away when your home sells, do it sooner rather than later. Rooms always look larger with less in them. Spare rooms used for storage, filled with boxes or excess furniture should be emptied. Kitchen countertops should be kept clear of paraphernalia such as canisters, small appliances, etc.

Keep your home as tidy as possible. Prospective buyers will not linger in a property that makes them uncomfortable. When showing your home for sale, it should be clean and odor free. Heavily scented room fresheners should also be avoided. Home selling tips

Whenever reasonable, unoccupied properties should be acceptably warm in winter and cool in summer. Again, prospective buyers will not linger in properties that are as hot as ovens or as cold as freezers. A minimum temperature of 55 degrees and a maximum of 78 degrees should be maintained. Home selling tips

Last but not least, be flexible. Buyers often show up without notice and real estate agents scramble to show them suitable properties. The buyer you turn away because it’s inconvenient may be the buyer who will make the offer you’ve been waiting for!

Sell Brigantine Home

Home sale tips

Home selling tips

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