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Home Selling Tips, Set the Stage, #3 Clean Counts

Home Selling Tips, Set the Stage, #3 Clean Counts

So you’ve made the decision to sell your house. Set the stage for success with home selling tricks & tips. Needless to say, you want your home sold quickly & for the best possible price, and home selling tips will help you accomplish your goal.

Home selling tips

Nothing turns a buyer off more than a dirty house. Home selling tips #3 Clean Counters is a no-brainer & easily accomplished. A little elbow grease can get your home sparkling. Carpet stains are a huge no-no, & carpet shampooers are easy to rent & use. Kitchens & bathrooms are of particular importance, since they are the rooms that buyers scrutinize most closely. Gleaming countertops & floors can work wonders.Trust me, these home selling tips really work!

home selling tips

Equally important is having a fresh smelling home. Pet & cooking smells are not acceptable, & buyers will not spend time in a house with offensive odors. So if you have a showing appointment coming up, probably not a good time to fry fish for dinner the night before. We all love our pets, but make sure the litter box is clean & Fido is kept well groomed. Scented air freshener sprays & powders should be avoided; they only add another layer of odors. Again, this is one of the home selling tips that won’t drain your bank account.

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