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Moving to Your New Home – Ten Essential Moving Packing Tips

Moving to Your New Home – Ten Essential Moving Packing Tips

Congratulations! You’re moving to your new home in Brigantine! Here are ten essential moving packing tips designed to make your move more efficient & less stressful.


1. First & foremost, don’t pack what you don’t want!
This is the single most perfect opportunity to purge all of your unwanted stuff, clothes & shoes you haven’t worn in ten years, the extra set of dishes you’ve never used, the kitchen gadget you had to have but is still in the box…

2. Pack an overnight bag containing all of your essentials.
Pretend you’re going out of town for a day or two, a few changes of clothes, toothbrush, make-up, meds, hairdryer, laptop, cell phone charger, all the things you can’t do without.


3. Pack the items you will need first in a clear plastic container so it’s easy to find.
Think of it as your survival kit. This includes everything from vitamins & pharmaceuticals to toilet paper, power strips & bar soap, you get the idea.

4. Take a photo of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how and where all the wires go.
Computers, TV’s, sound equipment. And be sure to label which wires go with which component.


5. Photos are also great for remembering how things were arranged in your china or curio cabinet.
No really, you won’t remember!


6. Label your boxes twice, first by number.
This way you can check the numbers off as you go, you’ll know if a box is missing when you’re finished with your unpacking. That missing box of your favorite holiday decorations or out of season clothes might otherwise go unnoticed.

7. Label your boxes twice, second by room.
This might sound like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people forget! And unpacking by room is so much easier!


8. Secure your dresser drawers containing clothing with a stretch wrap product.
Why takes clothes out of drawers to pack in boxes, when they can remain where they are?


9. Give your items the once-over before packing them.
This way everything will be clean & ready to go when you unpack.


10. Make sure boxes are as full as possible.
Contents of full boxes shift less, thereby avoiding breakage. You can use light weight linens to fill the empty space, towels, bed sheets & pillow cases, place mats, even oven mitts.


Last, but not least, an un-packing tip.
If at all possible, make sure your new house is spic & span before you move in, including bathrooms, kitchen shelves, appliances & floors.
Once all of your furniture & boxes arrive, the task will be much more difficult. And since you dusted everything before you packed, now you can just put it away!

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