Selling Your Home? READY, SET, GO! Best Time to List

Selling your home? Ready, Set, Go! Local real estate markets differ in many ways. One of the most important challenges is determining the best time to list your home for sale. How will your buyer use his new property? Full time? Vacation home? Investment property? Let’s take a look at what’s happening in Brigantine.

Best time to list home for saleThe ratio of second/vacation home to full time use in Brigantine is 70 / 30. That statistic has a huge impact on when to list your home for sale. In primary markets where use is principally full time, most people want to move in summer so kids don’t have to switch schools mid-term. Buyers therefore tend to begin the process of identifying a property in late winter through early summer & smart sellers want their properties to be on the market during those months.

Best time to list home for saleVacation or second homes in Brigantine are, on the whole, used in spring & summer. So it follows that once the holiday season is over, buyers will begin their search for vacation homes. The internet allows this search to begin even when inclement winter weather makes it difficult for buyers to visit Brigantine in person. Simple conclusion; sellers in a market where 70% of homes are vacation homes should list in late January/early February, in time to grab the attention of home buyers looking to be in their Brigantine shore home in time for the season.

Best time to list home for sale

There is, however, another great time for selling your home in Brigantine that must not be overlooked. Many people become buyers once they’ve visited Brigantine & enjoyed all it has to offer. Visiting friends or family, down on a summer vacation at the beach, it’s easy to fall in love with the island & make the decision to invest in a lifetime of happiness by joining our community. Consequently, summer & fall are also very good selling seasons to those buyers who have just committed to owning a shore home.                                                                                Best Time to Sell Home (5)