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Smithville New Jersey Homes for Sale

An accurate description of Smithville, NJ, might be an outdoor mall of specialty shops with a historic flavor.

Not to be confused with the Smithville located near Philadelphia, this village is on the other side of the state, 15 miles from Atlantic City making it popular with both tourists and residents with its more than 60 shops and restaurants in late 18th century buildings arranged along cobble-stone streets and boardwalks.

From shops specializing in British, Irish and Italian imports to gift shops filled with lace, collectables, Christmas ornaments and hand-made glass art, this little village is visited year round by anyone interested in browsing for or buying the unusual and one-of-a-kind.

But, what is so historic about Historic Smithville and Village Greene?

During the American Revolution, at the forks of the nearby Little Egg Harbor River, smugglers were “running goods” when Philadelphia was in possession of the British.

The river was a favorite for privateers to land their cargoes, until the British discovered the storehouses, set them on fire, and the privateers were forced to leave.

Soon after the war, James Baremore built what is now Smithville Inn in 1787, a single room along a well-traveled stagecoach route.

Historians debate whether it was originally planned as an inn. Houses were far apart, and it is thought, word of the Baremore’s hospitality spread until inn-keeping became the Baremore?s living.
The family continued to operate the inn and by 1874, it had grown to six times its original size. Its success was well established, yet sometime after the last turn-of-the-century, it was abandoned.
In 1949, the inn was rediscovered; its history researched; and in 1952 a local couple purchased the inn and seven acres, restored the building and opened it as a 42-seat restaurant.

With its success, plans were made to expand the experience of diner?s looking for a historic experience. Soon, historic homes and other buildings from southern New Jersey’s past were brought to the Town of Historic Smithville, restored with attention to detail and reopened to the public as shops, eateries and accommodations.
The Historic Smithville Inn was designated a Historic Site by the U. S. Department of the Interior in 1964.

Special events are held throughout the year, and a Victorian carousel and a steam train add to the fun for children.

So, now you know and it?s your turn to make the trip, enjoy the day with family or friends, watch your children play in the park-like setting.

After all, beyond the inn and the assembled historic buildings, you?ll be making a little history of your own!

If you go:
The Colonial Inn offers accommodations in the heart of the village. The Bed and Breakfast is designed to give guests a historic atmosphere while providing all the modern amenities. Historic Smithville is located on US Route 9 and Moss Mill Rd (alt 561). You can access it by taking the Garden State Parkway (from the north) at exit 48.