Selling your home? Become educated! Real estate markets have many influences; some affect property values gradually over time, while others abruptly impact pricing. Regardless of environment, property values do fluctuate & must be evaluated based upon current market conditions.

selling your home

Discussing what your home might be worth with a neighbor or taking advice from a friend or family member who just sold a property will not do. Real estate value can vary enormously within the same town, especially where scenic views or proximity to recreational areas such as beaches or lakes exist.

Become educated2

When selling your home, you must consult a qualified Realtor with the necessary expertise & understanding of changing market conditions to help educate you on the value of your property.

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Evaluate current market conditions!

Don’t seek amateur advice!

Consult a qualified Realtor!

Selling your home? Price is key! A realistically priced home will sell, an overpriced home will not. Sounds simple, right? As a seller your main focus must be identifying the appropriate price for your property.

selling your home

In any real estate market, overpricing is overwhelmingly the single biggest reason properties do not sell. All you will accomplish by listing high to “test the market” is wasting valuable selling time & allowing your property to become stale.

selling your home

If your price is not competitive, all the marketing in the world will not sell your home. Real estate markets are subject to many influences, & what you paid for your property has nothing to do with current market value.

You must be objective when pricing; remember it’s strictly business. Sellers view their homes in an extremely personal light. Buyers are looking for the best value.

selling your home

Realtors & appraisers gather data by reviewing other similar properties that have recently sold or are actively on the market for sale to arrive at value. When selling your home, you must allow this market data be your guide.

Price your property realistically! Do not overprice!

Price competitively, be guided by market data!

Be objective, it’s a business transaction!

selling your home